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WarnerMedia & Discovery Merger

Market Changes and Impacts

Number of Unique Mobile Video Streaming Apps

A combined WarnerMedia and Discovery content portfolio would yield more than 30 unique mobile video apps under the new parent-brand name “Warner Bros. Discovery.”


Number of Unique Mobile Video Streaming Apps by Parent Brand
Jan – May 2021)

  • unique mobile apps

Mobile Video App Engagement

While Netflix and Disney parent brands command the highest share of time spent among users, users of Discovery branded- apps, driven by discovery+, provide positive prospects to compete with Amazon and ViacomCBS.

Mobile Video Streaming Engagement by Parent Brand*
(Mobile Video Streamers, Jan – May 2021)

Video Streaming Engagement by Parent Brand

In a crowded video ecosystem, AT&T’s WarnerMedia struggled to compete for users against Netflix, Disney and Amazon. The spin-off of WarnerMedia and merger with Discovery would distance the new company from ViacomCBS, Comcast NBC, and Fox, and become more competitive with Amazon.

% of All Mobile Video Streamers by Parent Brand*
(Jan – May 2021)

  • Mobile Video App Engagement

*"Mobile video streamers" defined as mobile video app users spending an average minimum of 22 minutes per week on streaming mobile video (excluding user-generated content).

The merger provides an incredible lift in mobile video engagement for the new company by leveraging both WarnerMedia assets (e.g., CNN, TBS, TNT, HBO Max, etc.) and Discovery’s assets (e.g., Food Network, discovery+) to create a large, diverse content portfolio. Currently, mobile streamers spend an average of 45 minutes per day streaming content from WarnerMedia and 80 minutes on Discovery.

The new company will rank fourth in terms of its share of mobile video streamers,* behind Netflix, Disney and Amazon. Previously, WarnerMedia was in a tight race with ViacomCBS but will pull ahead as a result of the merger.

Netflix and Amazon have managed to compete largely due to brand and first to market. Video services like Disney, ViacomCBS, NBC Universal and now WarnerMedia/Discovery, with their deep content libraries, are going to put pressure for viewer screen time.

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