Voice Benchmarking Brochure

Data Benchmarking Brochure

At GWS, we approach each client as a valued partner and work closely with them to meet and exceed their unique requirements. We strive to add high quality, leading edge services and products to open new windows of opportunity for our customers. We are dedicated in our efforts to surpass our clients’ expectations and provide services that excel innovation, expertise, accuracy and efficiency in the daily management of projects.

GWS offers a full range of qualified, experienced and conscientious engineering capabilities in support of current and emerging voice and data wireless technologies including 3G, 4G/LTE, VoLTE and HD Voice.

Voice Benchmarking

GWS’ comprehensive Voice Benchmarking services have been successfully used by operators to evaluate competitive performance against their competition; to validate performance before and after infrastructure equipment swap outs; to provide support to quality claims used in marketing campaigns; to measure outsourcing SLAs, and to direct network improvement investment.
GWS has supported regulators using benchmarking data to confirm operator performance on license requirements and identify unserved or underserved areas and has helped infrastructure vendors to test new technology rollouts. GWS is unmatched in experience and capacity to provide a customized service to meet any benchmarking need.

Data Benchmarking

GWS’ Data Benchmarking reports allow operators to compare performance between competitors, markets and technologies; evaluate performance trends over time; identify focus areas for competitive improvement, and evaluate Quality of Service problems. Data Benchmarking reports utilizes key parameters that are independent of technology for comparison including:

  • (RF) Connection Accessibility: A metric of the user’s ability to successfully activate a PDP session on the network.
  • (RF) Connection Retainability: A metric of the user’s ability to successfully deactivate a PDP connection on the network.
  • Task Accessibility: A metric of the user’s ability to successfully start a task. The successful task initiation rate is detailed by protocol and direction (HTTP, FTP downlink, FTP uplink).
  • Task Retainability: A metric of the user’s ability to successfully complete a task. The successful task termination rate is detailed by protocol and direction.
  • Throughput: Throughputs are detailed per task type.
  • Ping Delay: Ping delay (round-trip) mean, percent of ping delay < 1 second and graphical distributions.