GWS and Project VISTA

GWS Role in Project VISTA

GWS, founded 25 years ago, is conducting focus groups and market research surveys to understand what customers care about, and how they could benefit from this 5G-based service.

Vista Event

Our primary task is to assist in determining and demonstrating consumer interest and potential business opportunities to enable 5G-powered live-streaming at sporting and music events across the UK. In general, we recruit from a range of demographics and ask consumers about their habits and interests (i.e., gather feedback on what they like, what they don’t like, how often they attend events and which one, how much they would pay for such a service, and more).

Project VISTA offers a fascinating journey into understanding people’s passion for sports and music and how this new technology could enhance their experience. And, for GWS, it’s also about collaborating with other companies that are on the leading edge of this new technology in terms of introducing new, innovative applications and services.

What we enjoy most about working on Project VISTA

Bringing a consumer-centric perspective to the development of a new technology while working with consortium members that are at the forefront of this game-changing technology.

What we find most interesting about Project VISTA

Project VISTA will give people control over how they watch live events – offering very tangible benefits including choice and control over content such as which camera angle they want to see, background information about the teams and more. In addition to the “close to the action” viewing features, there is also the possibility of in-app opportunities for enterprising companies to provide something special, something helpful to fans. Whether it’s live information about local travel, venue offerings, or other relevant content, it’s all about introducing a digital platform of unique, consumer-focused services.

Project VISTA’s Measure of Success

The project’s ultimate goal is to enhance people’s experience. Lots of people have game and concert rituals, and the project’s goal is to make that experience even more enjoyable and memorable. This is about celebrating what exists today, and making it even better.

The technology will enable high-definition viewing and superior network capacity at events, resulting in reliable live viewing and enabling more spectators at the event to stream live video via an app – ultimately resulting in a higher quality experience. Today, at events, these are stumbling blocks using current mobile technology.


GWS – What we bring to the table

We are consumer research and network testing specialists. From the UK to the US and other locations around the world, GWS tests and evaluates wireless networks and conducts consumer research. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done lately:

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