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GWS Performance Monitoring Tool is a web based tool that provides mobile network operators with critical network performance information. Easy to use and requiring only an internet connection to the operator’s data, the secure web site displays performance statistics and essential data in a user friendly format. Critical network alerts can also be sent to users by SMS and/or email and weekly reports with key performance indicators can be automatically generated and sent to users by email.

The tool provides a real-time understanding of the health of a mobile network. Key performance statistics include drop call rates, block call rates, traffic, handover statistics and channel availabilities and usage information. The tool can also be utilized to understand how the network performance changes with ongoing network configuration changes (e.g. cell site additions, power adjustments, antenna modifications, frequency additions, reallocations of traffic or control channels, handover parameter changes, etc.). Statistics are available for the Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and regarding Call Details Records (CDR).

With the GWS Performance Monitoring Tool, users can access information that can be used to assist with future network growth or budgeting. For example, through the identification of sectors that begin to exhibit blocking, actions may be taken to relieve this congestion, such as adding an extra TRX, add extra sites, switch on directed retry, etc. The performance tool also has statistically based alarms that trigger when certain criteria are met – thus providing a quick summary of the network’s immediate health.