Benchmarking is the process of comparing one operator’s network delivered quality against competitors, comparing network performance between markets or evaluating “before and after” performance following a critical change, such as a network enhancement program.

Post-processing is performed using the collection vendor’s processing software, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and GWS’ proprietary in-house REMIS software applications. The data log files collected by the benchmarking platform are initially processed with the vendor’s software, then exported into an SQL database. GWS’ REMIS software then compresses the data into a flat file and exports it into a compact ASCII format. The exported data is analyzed by GWS’ data collection applications, where it is possible to quickly compare network performance across technologies.
GWS has developed comprehensive yet concise reports for any corporate audience – RF engineering, operations, marketing or senior management. GWS’ in-house software tools enable the mining of drive-test data, visualizing of RF problems, and presentation of results to the client. Our software tools and highly experienced engineering team allow us to offer both unparalleled, business critical voice and packet data benchmarking reports and Extended Analysis options which provide additional value added services using the collected data for any part of a customer’s organization.