Case Studies

GWS’ network testing specialists routinely conduct scientifically controlled tests of network performance around the world. We’ve conducted tests at a variety of levels and venues – from national to regional, from highways to shopping centers, and from sporting events to public transportation. Read the following case studies and learn more about our innovative testing campaigns.

Case Study:
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  • BBC Interview with GWS
  • Benchmarking VS Crowdsourcing
  • Disney World Wireless Performance
  • Las Vegas Selfie Study
  • London Commuter Report
  • London Monopoly Campaign
  • London Pub Study
  • New York City Pub Study
  • Rio Olympics Wireless Testing
  • UK Best Mobile Network Performance
  • UK Home Connectivity
  • US Best Mobile Network Performance


Event-O-Meter – a new, easy-to-understand measurement of network performance at popular events nationwide.  It’s a barometer for how American consumers experience wireless connectivity when networks are trying to accommodate heavy traffic at a particular location. Using our OneScore evaluation process, the Event-O-Meter takes into account voice, data, video, coverage, and reliability metrics based on customer experience.

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  • Boston Marathon 2019
  • Coachella 2019
  • MLB Opening Day 2019
  • Mardi Gras 2019
  • New Years Eve 2019
  • Pokémon GO Fest 2019
  • GWS defines the industry standard for wireless network benchmarking. We offer network data and engineering analysis through a suite of benchmarking services.
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