Benchmarking is the process of comparing one operator’s network delivered quality against competitors, comparing network performance between markets or evaluating “before and after” performance following a critical change, such as a network enhancement program.

Benchmarking services require specialized collection platforms for vehicle or pedestrian testing. GWS has the experience and resources to conduct full voice and data benchmarking campaigns using collection equipment from any of the major commercially available test equipment vendors. Regardless of vendor, the benchmarking platform will be a single installation chassis housing multiple devices of multiple technologies and sharing a single navigation device. The platform will support external antennas to eliminate interference between devices, provide attenuators to simulate user performance and eliminate the device battery to allow automatic reset of the equipment.
The platform will have advanced call scripting that provides synchronized dialing across all devices for consistent call statistics and offer comprehensive call classification. Standard fixed side modules will provide quality data for uplink and downlink and collect all voice clips for post drive analysis. The platform should also allow the engineer to view displays during data collection for each tested handset, including navigation plots, tables, charts, and graphs for real-time monitoring of all handsets to provide the engineer with immediate, on-site data quality assurance.