Benchmarking is the process of comparing one operator’s network delivered quality against competitors, comparing network performance between markets or evaluating “before and after” performance following a critical change, such as a network enhancement program.

Benchmarking a wireless network can mean many different things to different people. We believe that benchmarking is not an optional process for operators – it is essential to the effective management of any mobile network.
Successful benchmarking should be repeatable and technically consistent; provide comparability of KPI’s for all networks; show trending over time and location; be statistically valid and technology independent; and be robust enough to withstand legal scrutiny of claims made. In addition to network operators, other entities such as regulators and equipment vendors are often interested in benchmarking. Some of the many reasons that influence all of these players to pursue a benchmarking program include:

  • Seeking reassurance of market competitiveness
  • Confirmation of strategic goals
  • Evaluate results of infrastructure changes on performance
  • Support ad-claims for marketing campaigns
  • Compare network equipment vendor performance
  • Confirm performance of outsourcing SLAs
  • Identify opportunities for quality improvement
  • Confirm operator performance towards license requirements
  • Assess state of competition in the marketplace
  • Evaluate emergency communications service readiness
  • Ensure spectrum plan compliance

GWS has experience designing and implementing voice and data benchmarking campaigns to support all of these reasons why a company chooses to benchmark.