Global Wireless Solutions (GWS), headquartered in Dulles, Virginia, USA, is the leading independent benchmarking solutions vendor for the wireless industry. Since 1996, GWS’s wireless experts have driven millions of miles across thousands of market drive tests to provide unique benchmarking solutions to some of the largest wireless carriers and equipment manufacturers worldwide. GWS offers unmatched solutions for network benchmarking, analysis and testing.

Network Benchmarking

GWS provides unique competitive voice and packet data benchmarking solutions customized to support the requirements of wireless operators, regulators, tower companies, regulatory agencies and infrastructure vendors.

Network Analysis

Using custom analysis and reporting routines, GWS has developed software that supports all major wireless technologies and test equipment vendors. GWS offers services that extract additional value from the collected data.

Network Testing

While delivering world class benchmarking services, GWS has set the standard for data collection and analysis and applied this knowledge and experience to developing additional valuable Network Testing services.