GWS announces OneScore rankings based on nationwide assessment of 5G networks

DULLES, VA – January 26, 2024 – Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) has conducted a nationwide performance evaluation of Canada’s 5G national networks and is announcing its OneScore rankings. GWS’s extensive review and assessment has determined that Bell has the nation’s Best 5G Network followed by Rogers and then Telus.  The top ranking for the nation’s Fastest 5G Network goes to Bell followed by Telus and then Rogers.

GWS’ OneScore evaluation and ranking process results in the industry’s most exhaustive review of mobile networks as it combines controlled, scientific testing of the major networks with consumer research (i.e., research that explores sentiment, and pinpoints performance factors and features most important to consumers).

GWS’s testing and evaluation also revealed that 5G networks are generally improving across all three operators. This is most likely due, in part, to the continuous deployment of available spectrum such as that acquired in the 3500MHz band. In this instance, GWS testing found that the 3500MHz band was included in approximately 50% of the tasks performed for all three operators in various cities across the country.  When looking specifically at those tasks that included the 3500MHz band, GWS also found that Bell demonstrated the best performance and fastest speeds.

“5G has matured and is no longer a nascent technology. It now plays a significant and integral role in Canada’s mobile networks.” Said Dr. Paul Carter, CEO of Global Wireless Solutions. “As operators continue to invest in 5G spectrum and build out their networks, consumers will continue to benefit from new and improved services thanks to enhanced and faster network performance. While all of the major operators are making appreciable advances in their networks, Bell is leading the pack with the best and fastest 5G network.”

5G evaluation criteria:

GWS’s evaluation of 5G performance factors in speed, network reliability, video performance, and latency. In addition, the importance of each metric is weighted based on feedback from consumers across Canada; feedback that focuses on those elements of network performance that matter most to everyday people.  By taking into consideration both controlled, scientific testing (conducted with test equipment and smartphones in each market across Canada) along with in-depth nationwide consumer polling, GWS is able to understand if the networks are providing measurable benefits that are vital to consumers.

More about the nationwide evaluation – size, scope, and how it was done:

GWS conducted competitive benchmark testing of Canada’s national mobile networks between April and October 2023. In particular, 633,000 tests were conducted across Canada to evaluate the mobile network performance of Bell, Rogers, and Telus. All major metropolitan cities as well as less populated towns and cities were included in the testing; in total, representing 60% of Canada’s population.  Testing was conducted using Rohde & Schwarz SmartBenchmarker test equipment, Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, and GWS MobiStat data evaluation and reporting platform.

In addition, GWS’s performance evaluation of Canada’s 5G networks takes into account nationwide consumer survey results.  Independent polling firm, Toluna, was commissioned by GWS to survey consumer behavior and expectations.  Total sample size was 2,000 adults (ages 18 and older) with fieldwork undertaken during December 2022. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of adult Canadians.

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