London, June 8, 2023 – Mobile network benchmarking specialist GWS has revealed that Virgin Media O2 has the UK’S Best Combined Connectivity Experience, in the first performance measure of its kind combining results from across both mobile operator and ISP partners in one score.

The result follows six months of extensive data collection from GWS, where the company analysed over 143,000 speed and reliability tests from across the UK’s major mobile operators and their associated ISP partners with bundled partnerships in place. The tests, which were run at random times, seven days a week, measured reliability and performance across uploads, downloads, and video streaming on both the mobile network and WiFi. The tests were conducted on the devices of real-life users from GWS’ proprietary opt-in consumer panel of 5,200 participants (18+). In addition to network performance data, GWS also collected insights into app usage and other mobile trends.

Fig 1: Final Results: UK’s Best Combined Connectivity Experience

Dr. Paul Carter, CEO, Global Wireless Solutions, commented: “In today’s world, we want a reliable and fast mobile internet connection at all times. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you just need your data connection to work. Consumers want the full package – more people are taking out bundled services for mobile and broadband, and data usage is up. But despite big market consolidation, it’s hard to know which is the best overall provider if you’re using both ISP and mobile operator services. That’s why we decided to shed the light on real-life performance of mobile and WiFi bundle offerings, giving the most informed view of the connectivity experience people are getting on their phones, wherever they are.”

 Network Performance Results

 Fig 2: UK’s Best Combined Connectivity Experience – Test Score Breakdown
Best Combined Connectivity Chart showing O2/Virgin Media in first place, followed by EE/BT, Sky Mobile, Vodafone and finishing with Three

Over the six months tested, the fastest download speeds by a combined provider were seen by Virgin Media O2 at a staggering 138Mbps average, followed by BT/EE at 64Mbps. With average download speeds across all major combined providers currently sitting at 82Mbps, Virgin Media O2 was the only provider to offer above average speeds.

When looking at uploads, Virgin Media O2 offered impressive performance again, leading the way at 26 Mbps. BT/EE was just behind at 21Mbps, with Sky/Sky Mobile (17Mbps), Vodafone (16Mbps), and Three (15 Mbps) trailing much further behind.

GWS’ testing also looked into the consumer impact of these results, testing one of the most internet reliant consumer activities – video. Virgin Media O2 not only had the fastest download speeds, but when watching videos, the provider also tied with Sky/Sky Mobile for the highest combined resolution and lowest buffering times.

When looking at reliability, GWS measured whether or not simulated tasks were completed or not, and found over 96% success rate across all providers (operator and ISP) tested.

Connectivity is Key

As mobile services continue to grow in popularity, GWS found that the average consumer now spends over a quarter (27%) of their waking day on their phones, with productivity and social media apps leading the way. UK consumer use of video-led apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, and TikTok, was also consistent at all times of the day, regardless of whether a person was connected to WiFi or using mobile data.  

Paul Carter, CEO, Global Wireless Solutions, concludes: “Consumers are facing a cost-of-living crisis, but mobile usage is thriving. Even in a post covid world, we’re seeing record breaking stats on mobile as people spend more time working, socialising, and managing their lives from their devices. When we poll mobile users through our panel, we see clear trends around how stressed they get when they don’t have a reliable internet connection. Having a good connectivity experience is so important in today’s world where we just need our phones to work well, whether we’re on 4G, 5G, or WiFi. In a society that is increasingly wireless, mobile operators and ISPs need to make sure they are providing the best networks for their customers, and brands need to understand how people are using their phones – or risk getting left behind.”


All data was collected from GWS’ opt-in consumer panel of 5,200 participants (18+) from around the UK. This is a panel of real-life users who use their phones and tablet devices as normal throughout the day; as a result, the data GWS gathered provided the most accurate picture of the nation’s mobile connectivity experience. From this nationally representative sample of people, GWS conducted a series of tests in the background, measuring and analyzing network reliability and performance.

GWS conducted over 143,000 speed and reliability tests during a six-month test period (October 24, 2022 through April 24, 2023) to determine the results. Tests were run at random times, seven days a week, and looked at reliability and performance across uploads, downloads, and video streaming on the mobile network and WiFi. Only combined connectivity tests were included, meaning that only tests from a mobile network and that operator’s broadband partner were factored into reliability/performance scoring. For example, EE test results from an EE panelist were paired with BT test results from that panelist. Data was anonymously collected and reported in aggregate for market research purposes only. As well as benchmarking connectivity performance, GWS also conducts regular surveys polling panelists about how their network is performing. All information collected was weighted to a user’s demographic representation of the U.K. population (aged 18+). Tests were conducted on Android smartphones/tablets, collecting both indoor and outdoor connectivity data.

About GWS

For most consumers today, their mobile device is their life’s remote control. As an independent mobile insights consulting firm, GWS measures every aspect of how people live, work, and play via their mobile devices – as well as how mobile network performance affects them.

Combining our market-leading network benchmarking technology and methodology with deep behavioural data, we help businesses and organizations to drive innovation and deliver better customer experiences through mobile insights, anywhere in the world. Championing the needs of mobile users by understanding and testing the things that matter to them, we’ve evolved our technology and services in step with the needs of industry and consumers for over 25 years.

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