• More than 3.2 million US women joined sportsbook betting apps in 2022, an increase of 45% over the previous year; and outpacing the growth rate in new male users for the third year in a row
  • Three of the biggest players in US sportsbook gambling, FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM, each saw more than 1 million new female users sign up on mobile in 2022
  • Well over half of female smartphone gamblers plan to bet on the Super Bowl (59%) and over two-thirds for men (71%)
  • The NFL season continues to drive sportsbook betting with monthly app usage up 59% in-season, and 79% of gamblers noting that it was their preferred sport to wager on

Dulles, VA, 8th February – With Massachusetts becoming the latest state to legalize sportsbook betting just days away from the Super Bowl, new data has revealed that the surge in sportsbook betting activity on mobile continues to attract new female users at a higher growth rate than men in 2022.

According to real-life smartphone usage data from mobile insights provider GWS, the number of female users who joined sportsbook betting apps grew 45% in 2022 with 3.2 million additional women added. This builds on the 4.6 million female users who joined in 2021. Men also saw a 23% rise in new users with an additional 4.1 million joining in 2022.

The data, which is GWS’ second nationwide study into sportsbook gambling over the last year, draws on insights and survey data gathered and weighted from GWS’ mobile insights and research division. Collecting over 50 million daily data points nationwide from mobile devices as well as bespoke surveys, GWS’ opt-in mobile panel provides a 360-degree view of consumer behavior and choices on their smartphones.

When looking at specific sportsbook betting apps, GWS found that BetMGM saw the largest percentage jump in women using the app, up 220% with men also up 142%. In terms of actual users, FanDuel saw the most significant rise, with 1.5 million more women and 3 million more men joining its app. This comes as the company is set to advertise at this year’s Super Bowl for the first time with former NFL star Rob Gronkowski.

Sportsbook app usage is set to peak during this year’s Super Bowl as the NFL has driven usage throughout the year: daily user rates on sportsbook betting apps rose 33% among women and 69% for men during the recent NFL season compared to off-season (late February through early September 2022).

GWS’ data also shows how activity on sportsbook apps ramped up just before the start of last year’s Super Bowl and then peaked late in the game during the 4th quarter. This is supported by survey data which shows that one in five users (21%) bet in-game most often, with a further 31% saying that they bet on the day. Just over half (54%) of the gamblers noted that betting in-game was more exciting, with a further 31% citing improved odds as the reason for live betting.

The NFL’s continuing dominance in the sportsbook betting space was also reflected in GWS’ study where over three-quarters of gamblers (79%) said that professional football was the sport they most often placed bets on. While the NFL sees the largest surges in sportsbook app usage, sports from other leagues are gaining traction. Over a third of gamblers (40%) said they often bet on professional basketball, with baseball (21%) and hockey (13%) also attracting a strong combined audience of men and women. One in five female gamblers (20%) also noted their preference to bet on women’s professional sports, suggesting the growing female audience may remain active on sportsbooks outside of the NFL season.

Fig 1:  Four-year gambling by gender

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Game day highlights – sportsbook activity during this year’s Super Bowl Sunday:

  • 43% more sportsbook app users vs. last year’s Super Bowl Sunday (5.2 million vs. 3.6 million users). This includes a 51% increase in female users and a 39% increase in male users.
  • 53% more sessions– users opened up their sportsbooks apps to check odds or place bets 53% more times on Super Bowl Sunday vs. last year’s (34 million vs. 22 million sessions)
  • 47% increase in minutes of app use– Minutes of use on sportsbook apps was up 47% on Super Bowl Sunday vs. last year’s (133 million vs. 90 million minutes).
  • Super Bowl Winners: Both FanDuel and DraftKings saw significant increases over last year’s Super Bowl Sunday in terms of users, sessions, and minutes of use while Bet Rivers and William Hill experienced decreases in the same areas
  • In-game activity increases: the 2023 Super Bowl saw significantly more active usage on sportsbook apps occurring during the game, with nearly 42% of the daily sessions occurring between 7 pm and 11 pm EST compared to 32% in 2022, an increase of 32%.

Paul Carter, CEO, GWS, commented: “With only three additional states legalizing sportsbook betting in 2022, compared to the 31 who have introduced the practice over the previous three years, some might have expected betting activity to temporarily plateau in the US. To the contrary, data from our mobile intelligence platform shows sportsbook betting is only continuing to grow in popularity and the ability to bet via one’s phone is driving the industry to new heights.

 The popularity of in-game betting has helped to unlock the female audience, with live and reactive odds ensuring sportsbooks can engage with fans in prime time.  Advanced mobile technology is increasingly allowing the consumer to become part of the action. By understanding consumer behavior and fan motivations when it comes to mobile betting, sportsbooks can take steps to reach their audience when they are most engaged, building on the increasingly social practice all empowered by mobile devices.”


Usage data was extracted from GWS’s One Measure Consumer Panel (OMCP). The OMCP is an opt-in consumer panel that measures mobile app usage and content, mobile network performance, and consumer perceptions. The OMCP collects consumer data anonymously from Android smartphones 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever and wherever consumers use their devices. OMCP panelists (aged 18+) are recruited from the top 41 metropolitan areas across the US along with consumers located in less populated areas (overall covering 98% of the U.S. population). Approximately 54 million data points are generated daily by panelists. Data is anonymously collected and reported in aggregate for market research purposes only. All information collected is weighted to a user’s demographic representation of the U.S. population (aged 18+).

In addition to the live usage data, a survey of 2100 adult respondents (aged 18+) was conducted from January 27th to February 5th 2022. OMCP panelists have the option to participate in surveys fielded directly to their Android smartphone.

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