What’s the deal with the WarnerMedia-Discovery merger – why is it grabbing news headlines — is it a big deal or not?

The merger captures nearly 1/3 of all mobile users that stream videos, gaining a better position amongst other “big brand” competitors (check out the chart below). As a result, does intensifying competition among the big boys mean good things for consumers? Actually, that’s not up to us to determine, we just collect the key facts and stats, and can provide consumer opinion.

So let’s talk about the facts and stats: In addition, to an increased customer base, the combined WarnerMedia and Discovery content portfolio will have one of the largest unique app presence in the market with 30+ streaming apps available in 2021.

Before this merger WarnerMedia (owned by AT&T and to be spun off) was in a tight race with ViacomCBS in terms in of its share of mobile video streamers but the new company “Warner Bros. Discovery” will clearly place them ahead while ranking them fourth behind Netflix, Disney and Amazon. The merger provides an incredible lift in mobile video engagement for the new company by leveraging high performing assets to create a large, diverse content portfolio.

Want to know what consumers think? We’re happy to conduct a consumer opinion survey for you – we’ve got a large representative sample of U.S. streamers that we can poll. In the mean time, check out our merger impact analysis for more details on how the merger impacts app usage and consumer engagement.

Some background on our data source: GWS’s OneMeasure Consumer Panel (OMCP) is an opt-in mobile consumer panel that collects data anonymously from approximately 50,000 active mobile phone users across the U.S. OMCP offers key insight into how consumers are living their lives in terms of app usage, purchasing and streaming habits, and other engagement behavior. Actionable data that helps content providers, app developers and others understand their customers, make informed investment decisions, and provide products and services that have value and are in demand.