GWS is part of a consortium that’s involved in a pretty cool 5G development project in the UK known as Project VISTA (Video In-Stadia Technical Architecture).

What’s Project Vista’s objective? Test, trial and ultimately showcase new and exciting digital experiences at sports and music venues by taking full advantage of advanced 5G broadcast capabilities using FeMBMS (Further evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service).

More details about the tech: FeMBMS is capable of supporting a large number of fans in one location (such as a stadium) or across a wider area. Project VISTA is using it to deliver next generation viewing experiences for event spectators by providing live multi-angle HD video streams and interactive content from the event direct to their devices.

What’s GWS’s role? Our primary task is to assist in determining and demonstrating consumer interest and potential business opportunities to enable 5G-powered live-streaming at sporting and music events across the UK. In general, we will recruit from a range of demographics and ask consumers about their habits and interests (i.e., gather feedback on what they like, what they don’t like, how often they attend events and which one, how much they would pay for such a service, and more).

Want to know what the rest of the consortium is doing? A lot actually. This 5G project involves a significant effort to create new commercial opportunities for businesses and a new, more enriching broadcast experience for consumers. In other words, we’re busy — consortium members are working on a wide range of project activities from network architecture design, app development, and edge computing to software encoding, production and live camera management, end-to-end security, and more! Visit the consortium’s official site at: for additional details.

Stay tuned: We’ll be reporting back with highlights from our consumer focus group and market research findings.