What’s the OMCP? It stands for OneMeasure Consumer Panel and it provides a 360˚ view of app, device, and network engagement as experienced by actual wireless subscribers – roughly 50,000 of them located across the U.S.

OMCP in detail: As part of GWS’s consumer research services, the OMCP offers an incredible view into U.S. mobile phone usage patterns, app engagement, and consumer opinion. It’s an opt-in, nationwide panel of smartphone users that measures mobile app usage, mobile network performance, and consumer behavior on Android smartphones 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever and wherever consumers use their devices. In addition to anonymously collecting key consumer experience metrics, GWS’ OMCP has the ability to conduct targeted surveys with consumer panelists based on demographic and/or usage criteria.

So how is this helping our clients?

  • It helps them take customer advocacy to a new level by understanding their customers’ preferences and unique needs.
  • They’re also using the OMCP to improve their customer retention. In particular, our clients are learning what their customers really value by understanding how they interact with their app or service.
  • And they’re able to enhance their customers’ experience while reaching out to new audiences.
  • Plus, they’re gaining competitive knowledge through performance metrics – i.e., they’re able to “one up” the competition.

Want to see the OMCP in action – check out one of our OMCP reports or read about us in the news – our findings have been covered in Business Insider, PC Mag, CBS News, Yahoo! Money and more.