GWS releases 5G test results ahead of its annual nationwide network report

Dulles, VA – July 20, 2021 – With customer 5G expectations running high and operators rapidly deploying this advanced technology across the U.S., Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS) has completed nationwide testing of the major operators’ 5G networks. GWS’s network testing specialists conducted approximately 8 million controlled tests in all 50 states, accounting for nearly one million miles across all major metropolitan areas, smaller urban cities, and rural towns (a total of 498 markets covering a population of 303 million or 92% of the U.S.).

“The advent of 5G is upon us. We are seeing firsthand the positive impact and performance improvements that 5G is bringing to all operator networks” said Dr. Paul Carter, CEO of Global Wireless Solutions. “For consumers looking for the best 5G networks in 2021 this is great news – robust, consistent connectivity combined with better service translates into a more fulfilling experience and this is just the beginning.”

5G Reliability: GWS determined that AT&T has the most reliable 5G nationwide network, completing 99.5% of the data transfer tasks performed on 5G networks. Verizon Wireless finished second at 98.8% and T-Mobile third at 97.3%.

5G Availability: Looking at the top 10 US markets (population totaling approximately 87 million), AT&T’s 5G network was actively available 66% of the time (“actively” means phone has connected to the operator’s 5G network and is ready to send or receive data), versus 45% for T-Mobile and 36% for Verizon. Over the 498 markets measured, our testing found that T-Mobile had some 5G coverage (i.e., 5G was actively available in 5% or more of the market footprint) in 429 markets, versus 296 for AT&T and 175 for Verizon. However, when looking at the U.S. as a whole (i.e., all 498 markets combined), the total amount of time 5G was actively available for AT&T was 45%, versus 35% for T-Mobile, and 22% for Verizon. In other words, T-Mobile’s 5G was actively available in smaller concentrations across more markets than the other operators; whereas AT&T’s 5G was actively available in much larger concentrations but mostly within markets with higher populations.

5G Network Speeds: As evidenced by the each operator’s approach to availability, nationwide deployment and integration of 5G into existing networks is managed differently by each operater and is still a work in progress in 2021. At this point, while all operators are offering 5G speeds that can easily meet the requirements of today’s data driven world, T-Mobile had the fastest 5G throughput speed (95 Mbps) during our network capacity stress tests with Verizon at 80 Mbps and AT&T at 58 Mbps.

Additional findings will be available in GWS’s annual Best Network USA Report. The report measures operators’ performance according to GWS’s OneScore ranking. OneScore is the definitive network benchmarking score as it combines scientific testing, engineering analysis and big data analytics with consumer research to provide the most comprehensive evaluation of mobile networks.

To learn more about GWS’s OneScore Ranking, visit The 2020 Best Network USA report can be found at

 Methodology and notes to editors:

GWS conducted direct benchmark testing in all 50 states from March to July 2021. GWS accounted for nearly one million miles across 498 markets throughout the U.S. during the testing process, resulting in the completion of approximately 8 million individual controlled tests.

GWS’s collection and evaluation of data was conducted using Rohde & Schwarz SmartBenchmarker test equipment, Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, and GWS’s Mobistat data evaluation and reporting platform.

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Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Global Wireless Solutions, headquartered in Dulles, Virginia, has set the industry standard for network benchmarking, analysis and testing. Its proprietary OneScore network ranking combines high-level network testing data with real-world network usage scenarios to make the results of testing relatable and easy to understand. Working with some of the world’s largest wireless network providers, GWS offers high-quality network engineering and consumer behavior analysis through a suite of benchmarking products, services and OneMeasure diagnostic apps that include drive, venue and in-building testing. At last count, GWS has driven 14 million data collection miles for its customers. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at @gwsolutionsinc.


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