A recent survey of US iPhone users found that 49% believe their smartphone is already compatible with the 5G network. This belief is transversal to the users of the several main US operators.

So far no iPhone model supports the fifth generation network, however several rumors indicate that the next iPhone 12 may bring this functionality.

Almost half believe that their iPhone already has 5G

A study was recently conducted by Global Wireless Solutions. 5,000 US users were asked whether they believed their iPhone could already access the 5G network.

The results were surprising because almost half of the respondents (49%) believe that their current iPhone is compatible with 5G technology. This belief happens to users of all major operators in the USA.

Of the total of people who believe that their iPhone already has 5G, the majority are between the age group of 25 to 44 years old.

Credits: Global Wireless Solutions

In turn, 29% of respondents answered that they are not sure whether their iPhone can access the 5G network or not. If we limit ourselves to users who bought their smartphone during this year, 24% still do not know how to answer if their equipment has this functionality.

Most people with these doubts live in rural (45%) and suburban areas (47%). On the other hand, close to 73% of urban consumers believe that the operator already supplies 5G to their equipment.

Credits: Global Wireless Solutions

When asked when they will see significant 5G benefits, 74% do not believe they will arrive this year.

The majority (54%) of those who are excited about moving to 5G say that the best thing about this network will be the increase in data speed. 16% say they are more enthusiastic about the improvements in video calls. However 38% say they would not pay more for 5G.

Credits: Global Wireless Solutions

iPhone 12 could be the first Apple smartphone with 5G

To date, no model of the phones ever released by Apple has the capacity to support the fifth generation network. There are those who believe that this confusion was promoted by the operators themselves, since, for example, AT&T released a fake image with a 5G connectivity icon on an iPhone.

False image with 5G network icon

However, it is suspected that the next iPhone 12 may be the first Apple smartphone already compatible with the 5G. This model should be launched at the next apple brand event, which will take place on Tuesday, October 13 at 6 pm.