Analysis into British attitudes towards dining etiquette has revealed double standards when it comes to consumer behaviour using phones in restaurants.

According to the findings from mobile network benchmarking company Global Wireless Solutions, 71% of people use their phones when dining out to check social media feeds, message family or friends, take photos of their food, browse the internet and other activities.

But apparently there are ‘two sets of rules’ as eight in 10 people who admit to using their phones while dining also get irritated when they see others doing the same. In fact, overall, certain phone activities make up six of the top 10 most irritating dining habits.

The nationwide survey of Brits’ phone habits when in public places revealed that we are increasingly reliant on our devices and have certain expectations, particularly when dining out, as nine in 10 do not have the patience to wait longer than usual for a call to connect or webpage to load when in a restaurant. Demand for fast connection is higher in restaurants than in other locations where more people are willing to wait longer for their network to perform, such as on a train, in the car, in a supermarket, or even at home.

Top 10 most irritating habits when in restaurants

  1. Someone talking loudly on their mobile phone at the table next to you
  2. When a dining companion is on their phone messaging or browsing social media
  3. When children are too noisy
  4. When parents give their phones to children to watch videos
  5. When people take lots of selfies on their phone
  6. When people show too much PDA at the table
  7. When people take photos of their food
  8. When camera phone flashes go off frequently
  9. When people use a toothpick at the table
  10. When people insist on moving tables or chairs to accommodate their party