GWS routinely conducts nationwide surveys to understand how consumers are using their mobile devices and what they consider important. We do this because we measure network performance from the user’s perspective — we conduct controlled, scientific tests on networks that are based on how consumers use their phones. In particular, our survey findings are taken into consideration and weighted when we analyze network test data in the determination of our OneScore rankings for network performance. In 2018, we asked consumers a LOT of questions, the responses to which have added to our already very large and informative research database. So here are three survey findings that really stood out in 2018 in comparison to previous years:

Talking on the phone is still very important.
Interestingly, making and receiving phone calls is still the most common activity and considered the most important by consumers.

Streaming and selfies – everyone’s doing it!
There was an increase (over past survey periods) in consumers using streaming video services like YouTube and Netflix as well as sending and receiving pics, using social media apps, and web browsing.

Consumers don’t feel the need for speed.
Consumers find network reliability far more important than network speed. In fact, in 2018, they consider it to be three times more important!

2019 is now underway – will consumers feel the same way this year? Will they use their devices in the same way? Will the operators continued deployment of advanced LTE network features (like 256QAM, 4X4 MIMO and 4CA) make a difference in consumer behavior and expectations? And let’s not forget about the advent of 5G. Lots to research, test, and evaluate – it’s going to be a busy year. Check our news site regularly to keep up on the latest.