We’ve been busy! We just finished driving nearly one million miles around the US while collecting millions and millions of data points from the major mobile networks.  We conducted controlled tests in all 50 states including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  This includes testing in all major metropolitan areas as well as smaller urban cities and rural towns – representing 94% of the US population.

Once we collected and analyzed the data, we ranked the results according to our OneScore ranking methodology. GWS’ OneScore ranking methodology is unique as it combines engineering test data with consumer research.  The idea is that it factors in both real-world wireless network performance as well as real consumer opinion (i.e., perspective from consumers on what they want from their network – what they consider important in terms of coverage, reliability, data speed, voice quality and video performance). If you want to know more about how OneScore works go to our OneScore services page.

So who had the “Best Network” OneScore? AT&T ranked at the top followed by Verizon then T-Mobile with Sprint coming in fourth.  A few highlights that pushed AT&T to the top – they scored top for voice retainability (i.e., lowest number of dropped calls) and had the best video streaming quality and quickest loading time.  Although edged out by a faster Verizon, AT&T also performed well on data upload tasks like posting photos and other social media content.  Overall, we observed that AT&T’s higher usage of advanced network features (such as LTE 4 channel aggregation) helped them outperform others in terms of reliability and throughputs. On a separate note, T-Mobile had the best voice quality on calls made.

Check out our full report on www.gwsolutions.com/bestnetwork-USA.