Dulles, VA, April 17, 2018 – Leading independent network testing specialists Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS) today revealed the wireless connectivity performance experienced by Boston Marathon attendees. Testing at the world-renowned marathon, which saw well over 500,000 visitors at or around the race, resulted in AT&T taking first place with the most GWS OneScore category wins, T-Mobile in second place, Verizon third, and Sprint last.

GWS undertook real-world testing that focused on simulating typical consumer behavior before and during the marathon, such as posting or sending Instagram photos, Snaps and Facebook Messenger messages to loved ones, as well as streaming and uploading video and making voice calls. To get this insight, GWS tested the mobile networks’ data throughput (speed), data reliability, video reliability, voice quality and voice reliability.

The data collected was then ranked using GWS OneScore, a performance metric developed by GWS that considers both in-depth network testing data and an understanding of how consumers are using their mobile devices. GWS tested the carrier network performance across the entire 26.2 mile marathon route including collection from start to finish, testing at one mile intervals, and at the all-important finish line.

Key findings included:

  • Overall Performance Rankings: Preparations for the event paid off the most for AT&T – they were able to finish first in every OneScore category. In particular, the operator finished at the top for video performance, tied with T-Mobile for data speed and overall data performance, and tied with T-Mobile and Verizon for social media. All operators scored equally in terms of OneScore network reliability.
  • Sending Selfies: When sending selfies over the network, T-Mobile provided the quickest upload speeds, followed by AT&T second, Verizon third and then Sprint in last place.
  • Posting on Facebook: T-Mobile also was the fastest for posting to Facebook, with AT&T and Verizon close behind, and Sprint at the far end of the pack.


Over 9,000 voice and data tests were conducted along the Boston Marathon route. The race route (26.2 miles) was tested using SwissQual’s QualiPoc platform in combination with Samsung S8 devices. GWS network testing specialists collected along the entire route and conducted testing at each mile marker and the finish line. The tests evaluated the performance of Tier 1 carrier networks (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon) in terms of completing everyday tasks (such as uploading a video, sending a Snapchat, making a voicecall, etc.) and the speed at which the data related tasks can be completed.

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