will distribute a version of GWS’s mobile diagnostic app to Spanish consumers to collect crowd-source data for a comprehensive performance coverage map of the country

May 20, 2015DULLES, VA — Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS), a leading independent mobile network testing and analysis company, has partnered with (a subsidiary of Decision Technologies Limited “DTL”) to help consumers in Spain evaluate and select a mobile operator.

Comparaiso will distribute a special streamlined version of GWS’s enterprise-grade mobile diagnostic app to Spanish consumers. When consumers run the app and test their mobile data service, anonymized results will be extracted and used to create a comprehensive coverage map of mobile data strength across Spain. Spanish consumers will then be able to use the map to determine which operator offers the best mobile data service in the areas where they use their mobile devices most frequently.

Once users have downloaded the app (free on Google Play), pushing a single button will activate tests and demonstrate the quality of their mobile data service. The tests include measuring network latency and performing upload and download network stress tests. The app also allows users to share the results of their tests with others via social media and email.

The GWS/Comparaiso app is based on GWS’s enterprise-grade mobile diagnostic app for Android devices, which is currently used for high-level network testing by operators and RF engineers around the world. While GWS’s enterprise app is the most configurable in its class, the version of the app co-branded with Comparaiso has a simplified interface and function set for the everyday consumer.

Paul Carter, CEO of GWS, commented:
“We’ve been testing and analyzing operator networks for nearly 20 years, but this is the first time we’ve helped gather data to directly empower consumers. We are an independent benchmarking firm and not affiliated with any operators in Spain. Both our independence and that of Comparaiso means that Spanish consumers can be one hundred percent certain that we are giving them an impartial view of network performance in their area. We’re looking forward to bringing transparency to the mobile game in Spain, so that choosing a mobile operator no longer needs to be a gamble for consumers.”

Alicia Navas, Country Manager at Comparaiso, commented:
“As a mobile and broadband specialized site, we are very excited to be able to offer a tool that will allow our customers to accurately know the service they are getting and the best alternatives available in the market. This strategic alliance of two companies with a deep knowledge of the sector will reinforce the position of Comparaiso as the customer champion in Spain thanks to GWS’s expertise.”

GWS and Comparaiso will release an iPhone version of their co-branded app later this year.

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