New App Lets Consumers Test Their Mobile Networks Using GWS’s Powerful Enterprise Testing Engine

MARCH 24, 2015 – DULLES, VA — Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS), the world’s leading independent mobile network testing and analysis company, has released a free iOS version of its enterprise benchmarking app for consumers called the GWS Speed App.

The GWS iPhone app allows users to discover the quality of the mobile data service they’re receiving at any given time by measuring network latency, website loading speeds, and performing upload and download networks stress tests. The app allows users to share the results of their tests with others over email or social media. Users are able to download the free app starting today from the App Store and immediately run diagnostic tests without having to create an account or log in; accordingly, all the data that GWS gathers from the app will be anonymized by default.

The enterprise version of GWS’s app (currently only available on Android devices) is the most configurable diagnostic app on the market and was designed to allow RF engineers and other wireless experts to measure real-time engineering level data. Several mobile operators, vendors and regulators have used GWS’s enterprise app – and now consumers will also get to benefit from GWS’s unparalleled expertise in the field of network testing and analysis via a version of its app that has a simplified interface and a carefully chosen set of functions for iPhone consumers.

Paul Carter, CEO of GWS, commented: “The fact that our enterprise app can get at some of the deepest layers of the real-time engineering data that wireless networks ‘broadcast’, as well as its sheer configurability, has made it a must-have tool for those experts who test networks day in, day out. And now we’re delighted to be empowering consumers with a version of our app which has the same powerful core as our enterprise product and benefits just as much from our nineteen years of network benchmarking experience. We see consumers using our app to keep network operators honest (when it comes to the quality of the mobile data service they’re getting), and operators provisioning consumers with it in order to diagnose any problems they might be having. In other words, the app we’re launching today is a transparency tool that has the potential to make both operators and their customers happier.”

Future versions of GWS’s iPhone app will be complemented by a web portal that will allow users to view maps of their test results. Support for a tablet version is also on the way, and the app roadmap includes the introduction of a “user experience mode” that will allow users to run tests to show them how quickly (or slowly) they can expect to perform common tasks like downloading a song or uploading a selfie.

GWS is currently working on an Android version of its diagnostic app for consumers; this app will be released via Google Play later this year.

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Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. defines the industry standard for network benchmarking, analysis and testing. Working with some of the world’s largest wireless network providers, GWS offers standardized, high-quality network data and engineering analysis to its customers through a suite of benchmarking products and services, including drive, venue, and in-building testing.

Firmly rooted in a deep understanding of network engineering, GWS provides best-in-class, turnkey solutions to help customers better understand overall network performance as today’s wireless networks grow and evolve.

Founded in 1996, GWS is headquartered in Dulles, VA. At last count, GWS has driven more than 9 million data collection miles for its customers. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at @gwsolutionsinc.

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