GWS’s app allows for precise, agile testing of wireless networks, and complements the company’s existing suite of comprehensive benchmarking products

London, UK —28 August, 2014 — Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS) has today announced the UK availability of its benchmarking app for Android OS devices. The Mobile Diagnostic app is a network testing solution for mobile network operators, mobile device vendors, engineers and regulators, and it provides easy-to-use performance monitoring and results analysis from anywhere with real-time reporting. GWS works with some of the world’s largest mobile network providers, and the app complements the company’s existing suite of comprehensive benchmarking products including drive testing, venue testing and in-building testing.

“The mobile network industry demands not only efficient benchmarking technology, but an agile solution that meets today’s standards,” said Paul Carter, president and CEO of GWS. “Our benchmarking app is designed to provide accurate testing of mobile network performance. With major networks currently making significant improvements to their infrastructures, we’re constantly seeing the evolution of mobile at work. It’s time for network benchmarking to follow suit, and to keep pace. Our robust roll call of features ensures that network benchmarking can positively contribute to the wireless industry, providing realistic, dependable and essential business intelligence.”

Key features of the Android app include:

Comprehensive Testing – The app systematically measures the real-time performance of wireless networks according to end-to-end throughput performance, cellular or Wi-Fi operation, latency (round trip time, packet loss and jitter) as well as data speeds, successes, failures, drops and other key metrics.

Complete Control – The app provides for full control over tests, making them customizable by creating either single-test or multi-test scenarios (e.g. repeatedly testing file upload and download based on pre-selected file sizes). The app also allows for testing of single or multi-thread tasks (e.g. mimic music and video downloads). In addition, the app can perform the following tests: ping, HTTP browser, HTTP upload/download and multi-thread upload/download.

Ultimate Flexibility – The app allows for the creation, management and modification of projects with ease. While monitoring networks in real-time, test results can be viewed instantaneously and will be stored along with other test results for subsequent viewing and comparison.

Integration with GWS’s Mobistat Reporting Platform – The app utilizes GWS’s Mobistat technology which provides users with interactive, web based reporting and mapping tools to view and analyze real-time data collected from the app.

The app is available now exclusively for Android devices. An iOS version will be available in the latter half of 2014. For more information, visit, or read more in the GWS mobile diagnostic app brochure.

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