New Real-Time Reporting App Offers Fast, Rigorous Analysis Anywhere, Anytime

DULLES, VA – March 10, 2014 – Defining the wireless industry standard for network benchmarking, analysis and testing, Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS), today announced a new benchmarking mobile app, an easy-to-use, diagnostic tool for the wireless industry including network operators, mobile device vendors and regulators.

In response to client demand, GWS designed the app as a network testing tool for mobile devices that can be deployed quickly and efficiently. Independently, the app can provide cost-effective, surface-layer performance analysis, and when combined with GWS’ industry leading testing solutions, it can serve to significantly enhance benchmarking efforts

“GWS partners with its clients to develop solutions in order to better understand operating performance from all points in the network,” said Dr. Paul Carter, president & CEO of GWS. “Our objective was to create an app for the wireless industry that incorporates the same rigorous engineering analysis that we apply in all our solutions. It’s a powerful addition to our suite of benchmarking services, adding to our real-time reporting and evaluation capabilities.”

The current marketplace for network testing consists of either sophisticated technical solutions that require extensive, costly test equipment configurations or one-dimensional apps that are inflexible and unable to manage multiple test scenarios. The GWS app is unique in that it is easily configurable, captures more data than typical test apps, and also serves to aide in GWS’ comprehensive benchmarking services.

The GWS app is targeted to benchmark the performance of both mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Utilizing GWS’ advanced MobiStat technology, app users will be able to access interactive web-based reporting and mapping tools, with real-time performance reporting on data speeds, network latency and per second Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as signal strength, serving cell towers, GPS, and more.

The initial version of the app will be exclusively available for Android devices. GWS is utilizing Android’s open-source methodology for the launch, as the Android OS permits for the development of innovative apps with support for a wide variety of UI features, APIs and tools for developers. An iOS version is currently in development.

GWS engineers are currently field testing a pre-launch version of the app while collecting performance data on behalf of its customers and partner mobile device vendors. A commercially available version of the app will be released in March 2014.

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Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. ( defines the industry standard for network benchmarking, analysis and testing. Working with some of the world’s largest wireless network providers, Global Wireless Solutions offers standardized, high-quality network data and engineering analysis to its customers through a suite of benchmarking products, including drive testing, in-building testing and App testing.

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