Graphical Database Enables Wireless Carriers to Efficiently Evaluate Network Performance

Las Vegas, NV – (April 1, 2009) – Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS) – a leading provider of data collection and analysis, performance monitoring, benchmarking and network planning solutions for the wireless industry – today introduced MobiStat – an interactive reporting and mapping tool designed to enable wireless carriers to quickly and efficiently assess network performance and identify trouble spots. The graphical database will allow wireless carriers around the world to compile, analyze and trend data for multiple year’s worth of drive tests for markets worldwide.

“Wireless operators have generally aggregated only key performance indicators at a market level, but the MobiStat database allows them to both look at performance across large numbers of markets at once, but also for many more performance indicators,” said Paul Carter, president of GWS. “We are achieving this by offering a finished, graphical dashboard that is user friendly and gives wireless carriers the ability to effortlessly create reports.”

MobiStat is designed for use by wireless carriers around the world, and is capable of supporting thousands of call events collected during drive tests. The rich database can store, sort and trend many year’s worth of data, and enables users to create distribution charts for all markets to analyze various performance indicators. Using simple hyperlinks, users can quickly identify and further investigate negative events (such as dropped calls). The tool also incorporates a mapping solution that relies on GPS information to pinpoint the location of the negative call event.

MobiStat is now commercially available. GWS customers have the option to utilize the database for their existing drive data. This interactive reporting and mapping tool also is available to carriers who are not currently working with GWS for data collection.

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