Free Application Allows Users to Alert Mobile Operators to No Coverage, Dropped Calls and Failed Call Attempts

Las Vegas, NV – (April 1, 2009) – Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS) – a leading provider of data collection and analysis, performance monitoring, benchmarking and network planning solutions for the wireless industry – today introduced TroubleSpots – an iPhone coverage application that enables the phone’s users to report, in real time, when they experience areas of no wireless network coverage, dropped calls, failed call attempts failed data service and view their reported incidents. TroubleSpots is free and will immediately alert GWS to problems. Then, that information can be passed on to mobile operators, enabling them to optimize performance of voice and data networks used by millions of mobile customers worldwide.

“iPhone applications for finding Wi-Fi hotspots or tracking signal strength are common, but until now there has been nothing that can help mobile users report problems with the wireless network,” said Paul Carter, president of GWS. “TroubleSpots’ purpose is twofold: to empower iPhone users when they are faced with connectivity issues and to provide data that is valuable for mobile operators, enabling them to continually improve their network capabilities.”

TroubleSpots will be available worldwide on Apple’s iTunes AppStore at no cost. Once on the iPhone, the application will allow users to report network problems to GWS, view what they have reported and see their trouble spots have been reported by other users. GWS then can aggregate data about all the events reported by iPhone users and provide information about where network performance improvements are warranted.

“GWS’s TroubleSpots will enable mobile operators to partner with their customers to ensure that consumers receive the service they desire,” Carter added. “These real-world user experiences with mobile networks, as reported via TroubleSpots, will be extremely valuable as mobile operators enhance their networks to support richer voice and data services.

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