Leading Data Collection and Analysis Firm Logs 3.5 Million Miles Testing and Benchmarking Networks in 2,500 Market Drive Tests Nationwide

Dulles, VA (December 17, 2008) – Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (GWS), a leading provider of data collection and analysis, performance monitoring, benchmarking and network planning solutions for the wireless industry, is helping service providers improve their constantly evolving networks and operate more efficiently in today’s increasingly competitive and cost-conscious telecom market.

GWS’s wireless experts have driven more than 3.5 million miles to test wireless networks for customers in over 2,500 market drive tests nationwide. During the equivalent of over seven round trips between the earth and the moon, GWS employees have placed tens of millions of calls and transmitted and received over 15 million megabytes of mobile data from specially equipped vans that allow engineers to gather critical competitive information associated with network performance. The statistics gathered daily around the U.S. ultimately allow wireless providers and manufacturers of wireless equipment to better understand how well a network is performing in a given market.

During its road tests, GWS measures dozens of attributes that are crucial to operating a successful and profitable wireless network. Some of the critical parameters analyzed include:

  • Accessibility – the percentage of attempts that successfully initiated calls or connected to the wireless network;
  • Retainability – the percentage of successfully initiated calls or data sessions that are normally terminated by the customer rather than the result of an operational issue;
  • Reliability – an end-to-end combination of accessibility and retainability; and
  • Throughput – the mean rate of bytes transferred during the data sessions.

Using a wide range of test equipment, handsets and aircards, GWS collects the technical data needed to present benchmarking information to carriers, as well as offer detailed analysis and provide assistance in diagnosing network problems. With benchmarking for both voice and data services, GWS delivers quality of service measurements, compares networks in a given market and provides an engineering analysis to facilitate corrective action in areas of competitive weakness. For instance, to benchmark voice service, GWS examines a number of key performance indicators (KPI), including service coverage quality, access failure rates, retainability, voice quality and the access time of the network.

Through gathering the right data and understanding what adjustments are necessary to a network as usage changes and wireless habits shift, service providers can take the steps needed to deliver reliable and compelling offerings that drive revenue and reduce churn.

“In today’s turbulent economic climate, wireless subscribers are demanding the most bang for the buck from their service provider,” said Paul Carter, president of GWS. “Customers expect calls to quickly and easily connect and stay connected as well as e-mail delivery and the receipt of messages to be a seamless process. Operators of wireless systems are constantly assessing and understanding how their network is performing in order to ensure the customer experience and quality of service are second to none.”

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Global Wireless Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Dulles, Va., is the leading provider of data collection, performance monitoring, benchmarking and network planning solutions for the wireless industry. GWS has provided its services to some of the largest wireless network providers and equipment manufacturers worldwide. From scan drive testing, network acceptance testing and optimization to system benchmarking, GWS is unique in its ability to offer its customers a full suite of best-in-class turnkey engineering services. Please visit www.gwsolutions.com for more details.

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