Industry Leader Syndicates Its Program of Collecting Benchmarking Information in Major US Markets for Both Wireless Voice and Wireless Packet Data Networks

CHANTILLY, Va., May 23 /PRNewswire/ — Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (“GWS”), an industry leader in data collection, analysis and reporting services for wireless communication carriers, has announced the availability for sale of comprehensive competitive analyses information comparing the performance of wireless carriers’ networks in key US markets. Until recently, GWS did not offer benchmark information for sale to the wireless industry as a whole because GWS performed mostly “proprietary” testing. However, its transition to a non-proprietary format permits GWS to make such data available to third parties.

“GWS has long been a premier provider of wireless networks’ benchmarking information, typically collecting data annually for over half a million miles,” said Dr. Paul Carter, President of GWS. “But now we will make this same data available to a broader audience as we make the transition to non- proprietary testing.”

GWS owns the largest independent fleet of vehicles dedicated to driving throughout the United States to measure the network quality of the largest wireless operators on a market-by-market basis. GWS ranks and evaluates each operator using both voice-call and packet-data-call testing. GWS uses test vehicles containing best-in-class equipment to drive a comprehensive route throughout the market’s typical wireless footprint. Each vehicle initiates a series of wireless voice and packet-data calls on each operator’s network. The ranking for each operator is based on the amount of call setup failures, dropped calls and call voice quality or throughput rates.

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