OneMeasure App Platform

GWS’s benchmarking products include the OneMeasure™ app platform - a suite of mobile diagnostic apps that provide easy-to-use, network testing capabilities for the wireless industry including network operators, mobile device vendors, regulators, and consumers

OneMeasure™ Enterprise App

Need a mobile diagnostic application built for detailed engineering analysis and testing of wireless networks? We have your solution – the OneMeasure™ enterprise app utilizes an Android platform and is available directly through GWS. The OneMeasure™ enterprise app provides the following:

Powerful Performance Measurement Tool

The enterprise version is built to quickly yet thoroughly test mobile and Wi-Fi networks in terms of data speed, network latency, signal strength, serving cell towers, GPS and other key performance indicators. Independently, the app provides cost-effective, surface-layer performance analysis, and when combined with GWS’s industry leading testing solutions, it can serve to significantly enhance benchmarking efforts.

Flexible and Easily Configurable

Users can easily configure, run, and review multiple test scenarios involving ping, HTTP upload, HTTP download, browser, HTTP multi-thread upload, and HTTP multi-thread download. Users also have the ability to configure test controls including count, duration, or continuous testing. In addition, test configurations created for a current project can be saved for future use.

Real-Time, Shareable Results

Results from a test project are instantaneous and can be shared with others. The results can be viewed in various levels of detail from individual test results to a project summary. And users can also view the trends resulting from conducting multiple tests.

Comprehensive Network Assessments

When combined with Mobistat™, GWS’s advanced post processing technology, enterprise users can also view app test results via a secure website, and have access to interactive web-based reporting and mapping tools. Thus, adding another layer of evaluation for the performance measurements generated by the app.

OneMeasure™ Consumer App

Consumers (users) can download a free, streamlined version of the OneMeasure™ enterpise app, known as OneMeasure Lite, from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Using the same powerful core as the OneMeasure™ enterprise version, OneMeasure Lite has a simplified interface and a carefully chosen set of functions for the everyday Droid and iPhone consumer. Users are able to test the performance of their mobile or WiFi network by measuring latency, website loading speeds, and by performing upload and download stress tests. The consumer version also allows users to share the results of their tests with others over email or social media. An account or log in is not required, and with one tap users can immediately run diagnostic tests; accordingly, all the data that GWS gathers from the app is anonymized by default. Terms and conditions for the consumer version, OneMeasure Lite, can be viewed here: Legal Policies for the OneMeasure™ consumer version, OneMeasure Lite

Custom-Designed Mobile Diagnostic App

GWS can custom design a mobile diagnostic app for your company. Based on the OneMeasure™ mobile platform and engine created for GWS’s network testing activities, GWS can provide a network diagnostic app for your brand and for your testing purposes. Testing can be custom designed to include network latency measurements and upload and download network stress tests. And similar to GWS’s OneMeasure™ enterprise and consumer versions, the app can be designed to allow users to share the results of their tests with others via social media and email.

Feature Comparison of GWS OneMeasure™ Apps
App Features Enterprise Version Consumer Version
(OneMeasure Lite)
Custom Designed
iPhone Available via GWS Portal Free on App Store App Store or Company Portal
Android Available via GWS Portal Free on Google Play Google Play or Company Portal
Test Mobile & WiFi Networks Ping (ICMP & UDP)
HTTP browser
HTTP single & multi thread DL/UL
Voice call
Ping (ICMP)
HTTP browser
HTTP multi-thread DL/UL
Per Design
Collect Mobile & WiFi Network Parameters GPS, Signal Strength,
Serving Cell Towers
GPS, Signal Strength,
Serving Cell Towers
(iOS: collect GPS only)
Per Design
Create & Manage Test Projects Configure, Manage & Export/Import Multiple Tests   Per Design
On-App Map of User Tests
Share Results via Social Media, Text,
& Email
Language Localization Per Request English & Spanish Per Request
Data Visualization Maps (web based)   Per Design
Integration with GWS Mobistat Reporting Tool
Synchronous App Testing on Multiple Nearby Devices Via Control Device (i.e., Tablet)   Per Design
Remote Monitoring of Devices via Fleet Management   Per Design