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GWS Data Collection and Quality Assurance


GWS maintains a full time data collection team capable of supporting multiple simultaneous nationwide testing programs at one time. Our data collection engineers are highly skilled and receive ongoing training on our proven, comprehensive collection and quality procedures as well as hands on training for the equipment we field. Each project is monitored by a dedicated Project Manager who interfaces with the customer and the internal organization to make sure campaigns meet our quality expectations and customer business goals.

Back office administration support keeps teams on the road and functioning efficiently. All data is delivered to our quality assurance team which conducts validation of collected data integrity on a daily basis in addition to comprehensive review of the performance results on a market wide basis. Any questions or possible problems are escalated to quality assurance management and the project manager so they can be addressed while the collection team is still in the field. Only after benchmarking results have been fully reviewed and accepted are they forwarded for full post processing and reporting.

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